Thursday, September 09, 2010

I have moved

I have moved!
Please visit my new website and please update your feed reader too! Thanks for taking the trouble;e for me!!

Friday, September 03, 2010

IntenseDebate- DO NOT install this if you can...

I uninstalled IntenseDebate Commenting system from my blog and whoa! it takes with it all my comments too!
Thanks Intense, that was way to intense a retribution!
And to think there tag line is Imagine Better comments; please someone advice them to make it - Imagine going from some comments to NO comments!

I am VERY ANGRY! I have this xml with the comments that I USED to have, but have no idea HOW to get it working on my blog. Has anyone EVER gone through this issue?! If yes, did u EVER get back your comments? and if yes, How?
If the answer to above question is No, don't mention it to me - I am already devastated, please do not virtually kill me :)

So Girls, sorry because all your nice comments have vanished.
I saw your comments and over the next months, I will try putting them in the posts, but I think it is such a stupid thing to have happened to me!
I can reinstall that thing, but then I am not sure anymore that I want to... I am so fed up of one, I cannot go through this again!

Sorry for this post, I really am so angry :x(