Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Really Random Tuesday #2

The lovely lady Suko says...
        Welcome once again to another "edition" of Really Random Tuesday! Really Random Tuesday is a way to post odds and ends--announcements, musings, quotes--any blogging and book-related things you can think of.
Today is last day of August and I do not know where the month went...time flies :o)
We have completed 10 days without any help. and I think we are doing great with Aarya. Of course he is not interested in his toys or rolling over... or anything else... but he sure loves hitting the piano with his Daddy and putting things in his mouth and pulling my hair or scratching me up :D

The first one is from NetGalley about a ghost-whisperer and more. I definitely started out not really liking the tone and the fell of this one. But now I am waist-deep into it and actually am enjoying it :) .. dis any book do that to you?! This again #1 in a series, and the 2nd one is coming out in Feb, 2011. Maybe by the end of this I will be in a mood to continue tis series :o)

The 2nd one was gifted to me by Stacy! She is a super cool blogger, and has random giveaways on her blog! Thanks Stacy :) I am enjoying this one.

The other day, I went to Cym's blog only to find the tailer of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo! Ph my! why do I always get to such things LATE :) I want to see this movie and I hope they release it here too :)

I am hoping I will like it too... I am sure the people behind this movie will have to work really hard, because this one is not a easy one to show it in a movie :))

We are planning on a trip in October and I hoping it will be ok for Aarya to travel and he will throw few tantrums :D. It is a long journey to our homeland, but we have to do it with him... I hope it works out :)

I hope all of you are having a great week... and I end this post with a quote I really liked,

A paler bit of flesh winks under the collar, and perhaps he feels her eyes on it, for he shifts a bit, pulls his cap down lightly, and this is a relief since it shadows those eyes so like the sky over an orchard on a clear day with the white clouds billowing by fast and senseless as dreams, and she can’t look away on her own. 

- pg. 62 of Captivity by Deborah Noyes