Friday, August 13, 2010

Silly Updates...

Hello Guys!
I know I have been away from your blogs and I am missing reading all your wonderful blogs too! This time the main reason is my real bad internet connection, it is still NOT fixed and I having a hard time working as well.
It is been a month now and I am hoping it will be fixed soon. The problem is no one is able to isolate the issue, once that is done we can look for a solution... but finding the problem is ... FRUSTRATING!


Aarya, our sweet baby is 4 months old now, and I can tell you that the time is definitely flying. Each day there is something new that he discovers and the simplicity and innocence of his discovery amazes me! He is taught me a lot! There were so many things that I have taken for granted and with him and rediscovering the lost wonders and the lovely giggles :-)
It is wonderful... to be a mom... to breath in the scent of life that is so much you and still so different. LOVE it!

So what are you guys upto?! Because of no internet I spend my time mostly reading eBooks on the computer and of course a LOT of time with Aarya. I just finished Brighid's Quest by P.C. Cast and I LOVE it. I am shocked I never heard of her before and I am shocked that this book is book 3 of a series and I never really felt the need to know, it was as good as a standalone... BUT I want this series... very badly. I will BEG, steal and borrow it :D

oh and I forgot, do you like to put out your tongue out and tease someone? Aarya figured it out 2 weeks back and it is so awesomely annoying to see his tongue out each day LOL!