Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Greater Love by Robert Whitlow

Greater Love
by Robert Whitlow
Published  March 16th 2010 by Thomas Nelson (first published 2010)
Paperback, 400 Pages


No greater love hath man than this: that he would lay down his life for a friend.
As a result of her first-rate work as a law clear, Tami Taylor's been offered a coveted position as associate partner in one of Savannah's oldest and most prestigious law firms. Though her strong faith and convictions are valued by the firm's partners, Tami struggles to discern if God's will for her career is elsewhere.
Meanwhile, Tami must protect a young client named Jessie who is on the run from some shady characters. Her association with Jessie puts Tami in mortal danger. With her life on the line, Tami falls in love and discovers the power of romantic love forged by the activity of the Holy Spirit.
It's hard to predict how much influence we'll have on another person's life. Sometimes we're a comma; other times we're a chapter.
-pg. 294 of "Greater Love by Robert Whitlow"

It is my first time reading Christian Fiction and I am happy to tell you that it was a beautiful read. This book is what I would call a soft, beautiful and heart-warming read. Before picking this up, I did not know it is the final book in the "Tides of Truth" series! But, this one can be read as a stand-alone!
Tami is a strong character and her strength is in her belief in the God and her deep-rooted Christian beliefs. She seeks God's will to choose her career path and also in choosing her life-partner. She is an example on how we can "see" His path and make it our own. It is not a book you can breeze through, but it is one which needs to be read slowly! I agree, that the slow-pace at the start, kind of bugged me but half-way through it picked up pace as Tami struggles to unravel the mystery around Jessie's behavior. Who is Jessie, you ask? Jessie at first seems to be a hard-to-like runaway... but with Tami's help and His "touch" we see the real story. There is a bit of suspense, love and lot of faith added to lovely character's in this book; and it is easy to love Whitlow's writing... it is so serene!

I am not a Christian, but I still loved this book. I believe that all religious beliefs are based on love, faith and an undying belief in love for the people who surround you! God in any form, is one person who leads the way and teaches us ways to lead a happy, satisfying and purposeful life :)