Friday, January 15, 2010

Short Story 19: Uncle Richard's New Year's Dinner

Short Story 19: Uncle Richard's New Year's Dinner
Available ONLINE!
Rating: 4 on 5!

A very short story about 2 brothers fight over a piece of property and about there distancing from each other for a long time because of it! Lovely story, predictable but left me with a happy feeling!

Short Story 20: Miss Sally's Letter
Available ONLINE
Rating: 4 on 5

Miss Sally is embittered by males and teaches her niece Joyce the same. This story is basically about why she hates men and how she realizes everything in the end. Lovely, feel good story!

I have started to love Lucy's short Stories very much! And I love reading her Anne stories as well! It is a treat for anyone looking for a happy, feel good read!

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Suko said...

Thanks for presenting these "feel good" stories. And they are available online! :)

Nice new blog design!

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