Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cover Attractions

Today my theme has to be KITCHENS :) :)
There are 2 covers that I am featuring.. I very much want to read both of them, but am a little partial towards the 1st one :)

Blurb ~~

When Nora Banks goes to answer the doorbell very early one November 1st, she thinks it must be a group of teen pranksters still out trick-or-treating. But it’s no prank—it’s the Feds, who have come to arrest her husband Evan for a white collar crime. Nora’s enviable, privileged life in the eighteenth-century house she’d quit her job to renovate to museum-quality perfection, is upended in an instant.
The Bedford wives close ranks against Nora and her children. Nora’s only support comes from her children’s nanny Beatriz. The two women bond to raise the boys as smoothly as possible while Nora goes back to work. Baking has always been her biggest passion, so she launches a business of her own, the Summer Kitchen. Tempted by the offer of an affair with one of the local husbands and thwarted by an alpha wife who actively tries to shut down her business, Nora has to reach into reserves she didn’t know she had to support her family and change her way of thinking about life, family, money, and romance.

oh! Totally accidentally I hit on this cover too..


With her adopted son missing and the rest of her family increasingly estranged, Sandra Kaye Darden is drawn to the little pink house where her Uncle Poppy once provided security. What begins for Sandra as a simple painting project, meant to prepare the house for sale, becomes a secret venture that eventually changes everything.

Cass Blue is having trouble keeping food on the table since she ditched foster care. When Sandra Kaye shows up with lunch one day, Cass has no way of knowing that the meeting will lead to the creation of a place of refuge that could reunite a divided community.

In this moving story of second chances, two unlikely allies realize their ability to make a difference...and the power of what becomes known as the Summer Kitchen to nourish the soul.

So, do you like my covers by theme posts now! I was INSPIRED by you, who told me, my theme last week was SHOES :-)
Thank you Marcia, for hosting this :)


Melody said...

Great covers!
I love the first one because I remember featuring that on one of my CA posts too. ;)

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I like the new looks here. You did change it around right. I had though the colors were lighter before.

You find the best covers!

Shona said...

Beautiful looking covers. So you going by themes now :) Makes it more fun .

Check ur mail ok.

bermudaonion said...

Those covers are gorgeous and so welcoming. I can see why you chose them for this post.

Veens said...

Oh YES MElody! Sorry!
O! Nicole, thank u.
Shona, yes! it is fun!
Bermudaonion, Thank u!

The Bookworm said...

I like both covers, they are cozy looking. The books sound good too.

Lisa said...

Oh, The Summer Kitchen screams to me, "pick me up and read me!"

Darlene said...

Oh gosh, I love both of these covers! I have Summer Kitchen in my tbr pile - just need time to get to it.

Beth F said...

I think I would like to frame both of those covers. Beautiful.

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