Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Album Cover Attractions!

Since the day I started doing this post, I have never felt a dearth of covers and mostly I would end up with more than one cover in my post... but unfortunately this week, I have been struggling :(

It is not because I didn't find any, but because I just didn't LOVE any to showcase here. So this week, it is the cover of an album I saw at Barnes & Nobles site that has my attention -

You can guess, the sweet "little" dog on the cover is the reason for this selection :D

What covers are you attracted this week!?
Thanks Marcia for hosting this!

PS - Actually, at the site you can listen to the songs in this album as well :)


softdrink said...

I think the dog is bigger than Norah!

Alyce said...

That is a very fun cover! :)

Stephanie said...

I like that cover, too! Especially the Saint Bernard. :)

nishitak said...

Ooh! I love dogs, and this one is just so cute :)

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