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Soul Catcher by Leigh Bridger

Soul Catcher (The Outsider Series #1)
by Leigh Bridger

Published October 1st 2009 by BelleBooks, Inc.
Paperback, 320 pages
4 of 5!

From the Gothic eccentricity of Asheville, North Carolina to the terrifying recesses of the Appalachian wilderness, from modern demonology to ancient Cherokee mythology, SOUL CATCHER follows the tormented journey of folk artist Livia Belane, who has been stalked through many lives by a sadistic and vengeful demon.

Livia and her loved ones, including her frontier-era soul mate and husband, Ian, a Soul Hunter, have never beaten the demon before. Now, in this life, he s found them again.

Wow... that was some read! I am not really sure, how to really kick-start this review...but I really think it was the kind of roller-coaster ride, I love once in a while!
Soul Catcher is the story of Livia, who is a soul catcher and Ian who is her soul-mate and a soul-hunter. In every life they find each other and are destined to fight the deamons. But one particular daemon tracks them down in every life and is bent on taking violent revenge everytime. For some reasons Livia doesn't want Ian to find her, but he finally gets to her and is not going to let go easily this time. Livia has to fight the ugly daemons but a more difficult war is inside her, she has to fist accept who she is and she has to save the world of beautiful souls by sending these daemons and there folks to place they deserve.
I loved all the characters. I loved Ian, who was the complete opposite of the introvert Livia. I loved the way author portrays him. I must admit the book started on a violent note and is grim for sometime, but then there are some very nice tender moments. I love all the boons, angels and the pogs. I love the Talking Rock... ok I love almost everything except for... the language, the F word is there in every other of Livia's dialogues, but I was not bothered by it like many other books. This one, actually showed the frustration that the modern Livia faced and her sarcasm towards her situation . But it gets OK towards the end. Then there are some really violent se*ual torture scenes. Oh my! I was so ANGRY when those happened and sad. That's the feeling, I think the author wanted to instill in the reader. Then there are some s*x scenes too, tender and most importantly they are not badly done. It is a requirement, the story needs it and it is done nicely. If you have issues with any of the above things that I mention, then I guess you would not want to read it... but despite of everything, I enjoyed it immensely.
It was a page-turner and it has some kick-ass action. I really liked the concept of souls passing on... I actually kind of feel like believing in it too... it is so much less painful.

oh Yes, I didn't like the cover, this was nothing that I imagined Livia to look like. :-)
I recieved this book through BBAW, where I requested the eBook! Thank you BBAW and thank you Bell Bridge Books for sending me the eBook to review.

Another note -
Coming in 2010
Soul Hunter Book 2,
The Outsider Series
Livia finds herself struggling to adjust to another new incarnation of Ian, this one doomed to be executed for heinous crimes. At the same time, she and Ian must battle the rising threat of a powerful new demon and the arrival of a Soul Hunter who has competed with Ian for Livia’s love over many centuries.
No points for guessing, that I will be grabbing that one as soon as I can find it! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like something I would love too. I'm not a fan of the cover too, it's a little tacky :)

Shona said...

Seriously icky tacky cover but ur review makes it sound good. Nicely summarized Veens..

Suko said...

Wow! A new blog design! Black and white--very cool.

The cover is over-the-top, that's for sure. Va-va-voom!

Thanks for your terrific review!

Stephanie said...

This type of novel is not really my cup of tea -- but your review really has me intrigued. :-)

naida said...

Sounds really good!
Great review :)

Pratima said...

Sounds interesting...I like the review! Shall try to get hold of it :)

gautami tripathy said...

I didn't like it much. But then, I am not much of a Urban Fantasy fan. I have linked your review with mine. Here is my review of Soul Catcher. You too can link to yours with mine, if you wish.

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