Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hooked right NOW to...

My God, what kind of cologne did he use? He smelled good. Warm and fresh, like a memory . . . the high mountain balds in springtime, when the rhododendron blooms. Like sky and granite and sunshine and earth; a view across endless blue mountain ridges. Daddy, Momma, Alex and I had picnicked in one of those high mountain meadows one spring. That painfully sweet memory, long hidden, suddenly seemed as vivid as my own breath.
-p 34. "Soul Catcher" by Leigh Bridger
Forgive me my friends! I have again did the stupid thing! I meant to read just a few pages to get the "feel" of the book! And well, I can't put it down now! The fact that it is an e-book, is sad because I can't carry it around and I miss reading this when the computer has to be switched off for obvious reasons.

Have you read this one? I am loving it so far.


Suko said...

I haven't read this ebook but I'm glad you're enjoying it. Is this your first ebook?

K said...

This sounds pretty interesting. Will have a look see.
Most of my reading right now is e-books, they get addicting very fast.
Btw, i like the blog banner. The black and red look good together

Veens said...

Suko, No, I have read 2 before. I got this one from the publisher through BBAW. But it is always difficult to read ebooks. I wish for an eReader :(

Well an IPOD touch won't be a bad idea either :D

Well lets see... somewhere in the future ;)

K, thank you girl ;) I like compliments.. i have no idea.. how i hit this one.. and where i got ti from.. but i love it too :)

Beth F said...

Nice quotation! Yes, you need to get portable!

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I received this one a few days ago. I'm so glad to hear that you're loving it!

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