Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cover Attraction : Veil of Roses!

I saw this cover first on S. Krishna's blog! She has a review of this on her lovely blog.

I also found this cover of the same book interesting ~~

What do you think?!
What covers are you attracted to this week?!

Thank You Marcia for hosting Wednesday Cover Attractions!


Suko said...

Lovely covers, as usual. Will you be reading these as well?

I'm curious to know what bookstores you have in India--do you have Barnes & Noble or Borders? Or smaller, independent book shops or kiosks?

Melody said...

I agree those are great covers!
I enjoyed reading Veil of Roses.

Ali said...

I'm generally not crazy about pink covers or shoes, but that first one is gorgeous.

violetcrush said...

I had seen this book on Swapna's blog too. It Is gorgeous. Both are pretty but I still like the first cover more.

Veens said...

Suko - We have Landmark, Odyessey - those are the ones i went to..! Nope we dnt have Borders and B&N here :)

ohh Yes, we have other smaller independent one's as well.. like near my place i have a sapna book store :)

then we have roadside book-wallahs.. who have pirated copied of some books.. they cme very cheap! :D
but the print is horrible :)

And no i won't be reading this book coz i dnt have it :) :)

Veens said...

All the other girls :) thank u! i know the 1st one is really pretty :)

violetcrush said...

Hey Veens, If you have a Landmark, there is a sale going on. I guess they are on more or less at the same time all over India. You could call them and ask and get some awesome Bargain books like I did :)

S. Krishna said...

I love the second cover as well!

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