Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cover Attractions!

This weeks book cover has been stolen from Tricia's blog i.e. saw it first there!
You can read Tricia's review here!

Another cover that I liked this week is a black and white one from Passages to the Past

I have never seen a black and white cover! So this definitely is unique one!

What are the covers you are attracted to this week?! Find out about others at Marcia's


Beth F said...

They are both great! I agree.

Tricia said...

I also think it is a great cover. Thanks for the link Veens!

Nicole said...

Love the cover and the name Calpurnia Tate!

Shweta said...

I love both the covers. Specially the black n white one.

Diane said...

I love both of these covers --great picks.

Melody said...

Great covers!
Books with b/w covers are so rare! I'm hoping the publishers would print more of those; they're beautiful in its own way.

softdrink said...

Calpurnia is a fantastic cover...I love all the detail hidden in the vines.

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