Saturday, December 13, 2008

Standoff by Sandra Brown

Tiel McCoy is a hardworking Journalist, who will do anything to get a news worth all the TRPs and get them rolling. She finally[ after great pushing from her boss] decides to go on a vacation to New Mexico. On the way she hears a news-bulletin about the kidnapping of Sabra, the daughter of a Fort Worth's richest power-players Dendy. She immediately calls up her boss, who hints that the girl has runaway with her boyfriend rather than been kidnapped. Her boss, Gully also tells her that the boyfriend [Ronnie's ] father lives nearby to where she is now.
Tiel McCoy immediately decides to interview the father, but on route she loses her way at Rojo Flats. She enters a store to call Gully up and to refresh when a young boy and his pregnant girlfriend barge in to demand money and gasoline. What happens later, is for you to read an find out!

This is the basic plot. Well, it is an OK romantic suspense thriller [ if I am right about the sub-genre]. I got this book from one of my friends, she didn't recommend it of course but I picked it up for my suspense-thriller challenge[ and it was free to take-away :)].
Well first things first, I hate journos like Tiel. I hate journos who are not sensitive to people in trauma and go on asking stupid questions and going on showing hateful scenes of a mom grieving her son's death. I always thought, there should always be a limit to such things. So Tiel McCoy was obviously not my fav character. This book is a bit boring of course and sometimes tiring too. It is just 200 odd pages, that's an advantage.
Maybe I read "The Girl with Dragon Tattoo" just a while back is the reason why I thought it lacked the "page-turner" thingy that these kind of novels have!
If you have not read this author before, I suggest not to read this one first. But I would definitely give another book a try.
2 on 5 is my rating!